The change of seasons can bring with them a lot more than just cheerful tidings. With fall comes increased counts of spores, pollen, animal dander, chemical fumes, and other harsh environmental irritants. Unfortunately, some people react to these allergens in worse ways than others and begin to develop sinus problems.

Do you need some relief because of seasonal allergies? Count on the experienced sinus relief team at Glatz Group to effectively treat any inflammation of your sinuses due to allergies. At Glatz Group, we treat you with the care you need and a revolutionary solution known as balloon sinuplasty.

 Today, we’re going to explore the possibilities of how this procedure can provide nasal relief for those already feeling the effects of the upcoming season. 

What Is Balloon Sinuplasty and Is It Safe for Me?

A balloon sinuplasty is a type of sinus surgery in which your ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) inserts a small tube into your nose. At the end of this tube, a small balloon is guided through the congested and inflamed areas of your nose.

Here, the ENT inflates the balloon, clearing up your nasal passages and allowing for proper draining. This procedure alleviates painful sinus congestion with little downtime.

Studies on the efficacy and safety of a balloon sinuplasty have shown that this catheter-based surgery is both extremely effective and safe with no reports of adverse effects. The recovery time after this procedure varies per patient; however, many people return back to their daily routine after 24 hours. 

The average time it takes to perform a balloon sinuplasty is at least 3 hours, but it does depend on the person. Depending on what your ENT recommends for you, most patients use general anesthesia during this procedure, while others have preferred local anesthesia.  

How Do I Know If Balloon Sinuplasty is Right For Me?  

If you have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and have not improved after taking antibiotics, you may be a candidate for the minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty.   

We here at Glatz Group, however, understand that preparing for any type of surgery can be stressful. It’s normal to be apprehensive before getting surgery–even a minimally invasive one–but rest assured that the improvement to your nasal health makes it all worth it. 

But don’t take our word for it: 

  • A study by the Cleveland Nasal and Sinus Sleep Center shows that 96 percent of 1,036 patients studied across 27 institutions reported their sinus symptoms improved after a balloon sinuplasty.
  • In another report, 65 patients at multiple institutions reported clinically and statistically significant improvement in patient symptoms out to 2 years.

Find relief from sinus pressure, pain, and sinusitis with help from Glatz Group.

We here at the Glatz Group understand how painful and pestering it can be to live with sinus congestion and a plethora of other ear, nose, and throat issues. We want to help take that weight off your shoulders – -and your sinuses.   


Contact your knowledgeable ENT of the Glatz Group at (956) 631-2957 for a consultation today to see if you are eligible for a balloon sinuplasty. You will be Glatz That You Did!