The new year is here! Many people are making resolutions for their health, finances, or business goals this time of year. But if you have allergies or asthma, how about working toward breathing better in 2023 by setting some allergy and asthma relief goals!

Breathing comfortably is important whether you’re staying indoors or enjoying the cooler temperatures. It will also make completing your other New Year’s resolutions easier! Keep reading to find out how you can resolve to breathe better in the new year!

1. Improve Your Home’s Air Quality!

The air in your home could be to blame for your allergy and asthma flare-ups. With all that Texas wind, dust and allergens are being blown into your home constantly. But there are ways to fix the air quality in your home!

  • Get a HEPA filter for your house, purifier, or humidifier
  • Vacuum and dust your home at least twice a week
  • Wash blankets, stuffed animals, and bedding every three to four days
  • Brush and bathe your pets once a week

Keeping your home clean and free of excess dust, as well as using fresh air filters, could be the key to finding relief. Sleep better and breathe easier, even with your furry friends close!

2. Practice Better Hand Hygiene!

Having uncontrolled asthma and allergies can put you at a higher risk of respiratory infections. And it’s so easy to pick up germs anywhere you go – even in your own home. One of your New Year’s resolutions could be to improve your hand hygiene habits. 

You may already be doing the proper technique for hand washing. Good for you! But don’t forget to do it often throughout the day, especially after sneezing, blowing your nose, changing a diaper, using the restroom, or caring for a sick loved one. 

3. Quit Smoking!

Asthma and allergies don’t mix well with smoking — and this includes vaping! Smoking any kind of tobacco-related products can increase inflammation of the airway and decrease breathing. As you can imagine, smoking can trigger an asthma attack or allergy reaction. While a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking can be hard to keep, talk to your ENT doctor for help on how to quit smoking in 2023! 

4. Eat Better and Drink More Water!

Amazingly, what you eat and how much water you drink can affect your respiratory health! Staying hydrated and keeping your body loaded with essential vitamins and minerals can help you breathe, fight off infections, and reduce inflammation.

  • Drink between 8 to 10 cups of water every day
  • Eat more fruits high in vitamin C, like oranges
  • Increase your vitamin A levels by eating spinach and other leafy veggies
  • Boost your magnesium intake by eating salmon or other magnesium-rich protein

It’s also equally as essential to avoid certain foods that can cause further irritations to your ear, nose, and throat health. These include foods or drinks with artificial ingredients, foods that cause gas, and anything with sulfites (a type of preservative). 

5. Revisit Your Treatment Plan With the Glatz Group!

If your current allergy and asthma treatment plan doesn’t seem to be working, visit your Edinburg ear, nose, and throat doctor in the new year! Medicine is always being discovered or improved, so your treatment may benefit from an update. After all, the new year could mean a new you – including your breathing! 

Let us help you complete one of your New Year’s resolutions by allowing you to breathe better and easier in 2023! Take a deep breath and take on the world by finding asthma and allergy relief with our caring team at the Glatz Group. 

Do you want to breathe better in 2023? Cross one New Year’s resolution off your list by scheduling an appointment with the Glatz Group today! 

Breathe Better In 2023!