Winter weather in Texas isn’t as cold as in many of the northern states, but you may wonder if the cooler temperatures can improve your seasonal allergies. Since the sticky hot summer air has finally cooled off, you may hope that you’ll finally find some allergy relief.

Unfortunately, cold weather isn’t always a friend to your ears, nose, and throat. Keep reading to learn how a temperature change can trigger your allergies, and how you can get help from your Edinburg ENT doctor to fight off those pesky allergies!

Can Cooler Texas Weather Affect Your Allergies? 

When the outside temperature drops, the change can be hard on your lungs and lead to allergic reactions, including worsening congestion, runny nose, wheezing, and coughing fits.

But staying indoors all the time won’t help your allergies, either. Since it’s cooler outside, many people stay inside more often in the winter. You’re most likely keeping the windows closed and maybe turning the heat up a little higher. This creates a space with less fresh air and more dry heat. Staying indoors all the time in the winter can also make allergies to dust and pet dander worse.

Wet or Dry: Do Air Moisture Levels Matter?

Sometimes Texas winter days are really dry, which isn’t the best for allergy sufferers. The cold, dry air can suck the moisture out of your nasal passages, lips, and skin, making it easier for allergens to settle into your lungs.

On the other hand, too much moisture in the air also isn’t good. If the Texas winter weather is too wet, it can encourage mold and dust mites to grow. The air moisture levels have to be just right to keep your allergies from reacting. However, that’s not always something we can control.

Could You Be Allergic to Cold Weather?

Being allergic to the cold is a real thing, and it’s called cold urticaria! The more common form causes itchy hives, swelling, and redness on the skin after exposure to cold temperatures. However, it needs to be under 39 degrees Fahrenheit for an allergic reaction to happen. Reactions usually pop up within a few minutes after warming the skin and only last a couple of hours.

The Glatz Group’s 5 Tips for Winter Allergy Relief! 

Texas is great if you want to avoid having to deal with cold northern winters! However, you may not be able to completely escape your allergies just because the air is a bit warmer. But the Glatz Group has your back! There are a few things you can do to get winter allergy relief:

  1. Take your allergy medication early, before your symptoms get too bad
  2. Keep your home clean and minimize dust build-up
  3. Bathe pets weekly
  4. Use HEPA filters
  5. Get the right diagnosis from your ENT doctor

Knowing exactly what you’re allergic to can help you understand how you can protect your ears, nose, and throat. If you’re allergic to dust mites or pet dander, then you’ll know you need to dust often or bathe your furry friends more.

Reach out to our compassionate and experienced team at the Glatz Group to find out how you can fight off your allergy foes and still enjoy the cooler Texas weather!

Do you need allergy relief during these cooler winter months? Contact our team at the Glatz Group to learn more about winter allergy relief! 

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