Frequently asked questions


  1. What can I do to avoid exposure to the coronavirus?
  2. If I, or a loved one, do get infected with the coronavirus, how can we keep ourselves healthy?
  3. Is there anything that I can take to help prevent or fight COVID-19?
  4. What kind of activities can we still do during the pandemic?
  5. Does sun exposure kill the coronavirus?
  6. What should I avoid taking/doing during the pandemic?
  1. Is there a new medication or vaccine for coronavirus in development?
  2. Are there any known medications that can help fight COVID-19?
  3. Are antimalarial drugs helpful at treating individuals infected with the coronavirus?
  4. What is chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine?
  5. How can chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine help us fight the coronavirus?

1. Can balloon sinuplasty help my facial pain and pressure caused by allergies?
2. Is balloon sinuplasty going to help me get rid of my allergies?
3. If I can’t breathe through my nose, will balloon sinuplasty help?

1. How long does a tonsillectomy take?
2. Will I be under anesthesia for a tonsillectomy?
3. What are the side effects of a tonsillectomy?
4. What is the recovery period after a tonsillectomy?

1. Is there a difference between sinus disease and lung disease?
2. Will treating my sinus problems improve my lung function?
3. Does sinus diseases contribute to asthma?

1. What are the first signs of sleep apnea?
2. How does sleep apnea affect my breathing and overall health?
3. How do sleep disorders affect the health of my lungs?
4. What health problems can sleep apnea cause?

1. Can the Glatz Group do anything for my skin?
2. What can these cosmetic procedures do for me?
3. Do these cosmetic procedures hurt?
4. Are cosmetic procedures expensive?

  1. What is nasal drainage, and what causes it?
  2. What can the Glatz Group do for my constant nasal drainage?
  3. What is cryotherapy ablation, and how can it help me?
  4. What can I expect during a cryotherapy ablation procedure?
  5. How effective is cryotherapy ablation?

1. What should I do after a balloon sinuplasty?
2. What can I take if I am experiencing pain after a balloon sinuplasty?
3. Is there anything I can do to relieve the pressure in my nose after a balloon sinuplasty?
4. Is bleeding a lot after a balloon sinuplasty normal?
5. Can I wear my CPAP after a balloon sinuplasty?
6. How long is recovery after a balloon sinuplasty?

  1. What are the Symptoms of Enlarged Turbinates?
  2. How is Turbinate Hypertrophy Diagnosed?
  3. Is It Normal to Bleed Following Turbinate Surgery?
  4. What Treatment Options for Enlarged Turbinates are There?


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