The heat and humidity in our region can leave you dripping in sweat and running indoors to seek relief. However, this strong desire to be inside with the air conditioner isn’t the only impact that Texas weather has on our lives.

As anybody suffering sinus or allergy symptoms knows, Texas weather can cause serious Texas allergies. Today, your trusted McAllen certified physician assistant Jonathan Lerma and his right-hand team of sinus relief specialists at the Glatz Group of Valley ENT will discuss how Texas weather can affect your allergies.

Humidity and Allergies

Hot and muggy days can make it hard to breathe. This is especially the case for people with allergies. The high temperatures can also lead to your body working significantly harder to keep cool, making other physical processes tougher.

People whose nasal passages are blocked due to sinus inflammation will be particularly prone to breathing difficulties throughout humid weather. You may also find that you have issues breathing in the heat if you suffer from asthma.

Problems with Indoor Allergies

While high humidity can be problematic, some of the solutions to mitigate any issues can be just as bad for allergy sufferers. If you spend a lot of time indoors to avoid outdoor weather that negatively affects your sinuses, you can end up exposing yourself to air that’s too dry.

Also, it’s not uncommon to bring outdoor allergens indoors. Pollen and dander, for example, can come on air currents and clothes, settling on furniture and bedding. Changing clothes when you get home and using high-quality filters on your home’s HVAC units can decrease the likelihood of running into allergies when indoors.

Rising Temperatures Mean Rising Pollen Counts

Here in Texas, our growing season tends to last year-round. Because of this, there’s almost always something blooming and releasing pollen into the air.

Some allergenic trees often bloom in the winter. Grasses release pollen in spring. Ragweed blooms in late summer and early fall. Learning which kinds of pollen you’re most susceptible to can make it easier to remain comfortable during the year.

Throughout high pollen count times of the year, try staying indoors during the day and engaging in outdoor activities after dark. Pollen counts and wind levels drop at night, meaning that you’re less likely to suffer from pollen-related allergy attacks.

Mold and Damp Climates

Pollen isn’t the only allergen that can make allergy sufferers miserable. Mold is also an extremely common trigger for Texas allergies. Mold spores are always present in just about every environment. These spores linger unseen until they find the right combination of moisture and warmth to grow.

During heavy rains, there is almost always dead vegetation that can be host to allergenic mold and mildew. Inside homes, mold finds hospitable growing environments in damp cellars, closets, crawlspaces and even bathrooms with inadequate ventilation.

Identifying Sudden Weather Changes, Seasonal Allergies, & Sinusitis

Even for people without chronic sinusitis or other sinus health problems, allergies can be a painful reminder of sudden weather changes. But how can you tell whether allergies are causing your pain or if you have an actual sinus infection? If you don’t have a history of sinus infections and think your allergies may be giving you trouble, try taking an antihistamine to treat your symptoms.

If your sinus issues are caused by allergies, taking an antihistamine should offer some relief. However, antihistamines aren’t beneficial for non-allergy related sinus issues. Even if they do provide some temporary relief, it’s not in your best interest to keep taking them.

A balloon sinuplasty treatment can help chronic sufferers without the painful traditional surgical procedures of cutting through nasal bone and tissue. This means patients feel less pain and heal at a quicker rate compared to other types of sinus treatments.

Whether you’re suffering from painful dry air, nagging allergies, or something in between, you should visit your local ENT for lasting relief. At our office or online, we can offer quality allergy treatments to help both diagnose and treat your pesky seasonal allergies. The road to healthier sinuses is only an appointment away.

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