As a child, you may have had a certain allergy, only to find later that the symptoms you experienced were minimal, if even present, when you grew older. That said, however, should you develop an allergy as an adult, it is likely that you will have that allergy for the rest of your life.

Allergies can be very unpredictable, but the service you receive from Glatz Group is ever-reliable, especially during these uncertain times. Certified physician assistant Jonathan Lerma and the trusted team of sinus relief specialists want to address this question just in case you’ve wondered about your own allergies but cannot visit us to ask because of the shelter-in-place.

How Allergies Emerge 

The vast majority of people develop allergies in their childhood or young adult years, but the truth of it all is, you can develop an allergy at any point in your life, even as you grow older into adulthood. As you are exposured to environmental allergens like pollen over time, your seasonal allergy symptoms may increase.

There is also a possibility that you will outgrow your allergies. Tolerance to allergens can grow if exposure to the allergen itself is kept at a minimum over time. This is comparable to the way vaccines function to build your immunity against particular bacteria and viruses, or the way allergy shots (immunotherapy) work to reduce a person’s allergic reaction to a certain allergen.

What Causes an Allergy

An overly sensitive immune system is what causes allergies. Your immune system is supposed to protect your body against illnesses and viruses, but, unfortunately, if your immune system is extremely sensitive, it will negatively respond to allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.

Your body reacts to these allergies by increasing the production of mucus, which then causes sneezing, nasal swelling, itchiness in your nose and eyes, and other types of symptoms. Your symptoms can also change as you get older.

People with allergies react to their allergens in ways that vary for each individual. Allergic reactions can also vary from one season to another or from one allergen to another.

Allergies are More Likely to Develop than Disappear

There are some people who have enjoyed springtime for many years and then, for whatever reason, the month of May hits, and their nose starts to run. Allergic reactions can ruin the springtime for those who have them by making them feel miserable.

Over time, you may lose your tolerance against pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. The immune system fluctuates all the time, and allergies can change. While growing out of an allergy sounds nice, but the reality is that for most people allergies are more likely to develop than disappear. They can decrease in severity, or reactions may happen less often as time goes on, but most allergy sufferers will remain susceptible.

Taking steps to build immunity, getting rid of the allergen from your environment as much as possible, and focusing on keeping your overall health at its best are all good ways to help minimize your allergic reaction.

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