As we stay at home following the guidelines of world health officials, we have to also remember to maintain healthy habits and hygiene. In a recent article published by Valley Central that interviewed our McAllen ENT, Dr. Frank Glatz spoke about a few tips that we can do to stay safe from contracting the virus.

Take Extra Caution of What You Touch

Health experts have warned the public to avoid touching their face by all means, as COVID-19 can be transmitted very easily. Dr. Glatz highly suggests that whenever you leave your home, you should be extra cautious and attentive to what exactly you are touching. 

Since it is suspected that the virus can be either airborne or passed on through microdroplets of mucus or saliva, should these substances land on objects you touch, you could get it on your hands. Then, something as simple as rubbing your face, rubbing your eye, or scratching your forehead could send the virus can into the eye, through the eye duct down into the nose, and eventually down into your throat.

Stay Protected and Stay Clean

At the beginning of this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made the announcement recommending all Americans to cover their mouths. If they do not own a mask, can’t purchase one due to the shortage, or if the store is out of stock, they must at least use any sort of scarf or cloth. 

This is a practice Dr. Glatz cannot stress enough for us in the Rio Grande Valley area. If you need to go out to get groceries, pick up some takeout, or pick up a prescription from your local pharmacy, refrain from touching your face. 

It is highly advised for everyone to wear gloves and masks as well when going out and about, even if doing so makes you feel uncomfortable from a social perspective. There is absolutely nothing strange when it comes down to protecting yourself and others.

And if you are wearing gloves, make sure you use them properly. Don’t touch items and then touch your face, as that can result in cross-contamination.

It is Always Wise to Sanitize

Many people may not have too many pairs of gloves to work with, but it is not necessary to have a cupboardful anyway. One thing Dr. Glatz highly recommends is to spray your gloves each time after use with isopropyl alcohol–or Everclear if in a pinch–from a spray bottle, as they’re effectively sterile. 

It is far more effective to spray the gloves than to spray your hands due to the fact that your hands have loads of nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide. On these protective gloves, however, there is nowhere for them to hide. Don’t forget to sanitize yourself along with your daily items like your car keys and debit/credit card. 

Remember that viruses may live on your daily items and surfaces for up to several hours to several days, depending on the surface. So it is always in your best interest to wipe them down as frequently as possible.

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