As gifts continue to pile up under the Christmas tree, your family’s curiosity grows and grows. In just a few days, joy and dreams will be made as gifts are opened. That is, until you see the empty stockings hanging off of the mantel.

Don’t worry. There’s still some time left, so why not seize the opportunity to fill up those stockings with stocking stuffers that are helpful to your family’s sinuses, especially since we live in a city that is considered the worst place for allergies in 2019.

Our McAllen ENT, Dr. Frank R. Glatz, and his sinus relief team at the Glatz Group have thought of the perfect sinus-saving stocking stuffers you can include into your holiday festivities so you won’t have to search for the right present in a hurry!

The Gifts that Keep on Giving 

Listed below are the perfect items any allergy sufferer would love to find in his or her stocking:

1. Allergy-Free Bedding and Pillowcases – This is a practical gift for just about anyone who could use sinus relief this winter! According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, dust mites could be the leading cause of year-round allergies and asthma. Since we spend a decent amount of our time in bed, why not invest in hypoallergenic bedding to alleviate one of the most common triggers of people’s allergies year-round?

2. Air Purifiers – As many people are affected by indoor allergens, an air purifier can go a long way to help your friends or family members breathe better and get a better quality of sleep just by placing the device in their bedroom at night.

3. Shower Steamers – These little shower tablets pack in a lot of sinus relief for those of us who prefer a shower instead of a bath. Some of them mix in peppermint and eucalyptus with an extra kick of menthol to really open up your sinuses and drain out all the mucus. 

4. Honey – Honey–especially raw, unprocessed honey–isn’t just a delicious and nutritious sugar replacement, it’s filled with curative properties and is known to help lessen many allergy symptoms.

5. Green and herbal teas – Green tea is great for its antioxidants that not only improve your health but keep allergy symptoms under control.

There are also fantastic herbal teas that are meant to alleviate nasal inflammation, and your sniffling-and-sneezing friends or family members will appreciate this. Drinking the hot tea will speed their nasal drainage by giving the mucous membranes some moisture.

Try  searching for the best herbal teas for sinuses like peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, wild thyme, and blackberry. Give them a collection to last them longer with different options to select from.

6. Fruit Basket or Edible Arrangements – This is more of an “honorable mention” as it isn’t something that could fit in a Christmas stocking. A basket full of yummy fruits is a wonderful option not for its visually appealing quality, but also for other nutritious purposes.

Edible arrangements are a great gift! Eating apples is said to improve how the lungs function, leaving your friends or family members less at risk to particular allergens. Also, pineapple is made up of the enzyme bromelain that helps lessen sinus infections and irritation.

Experience the Gift of Sinus Health With the Help of an Experienced Sinus Relief Team

At the end of the day, the best gift you can give your friend or family member is the gift of health. They’ll appreciate the thought you put into these gifts that may make this allergy season less irritating while they enjoy all the wonder that winter brings.

Help your loved ones end the year the right way with these thoughtful stocking stuffers. But if their sinuses do not improve before the end of the year, our McAllen sinus relief specialists of the Glatz Group are always glad to help. A consultation with Dr. Frank R. Glatz can determine if you are eligible to receive a balloon sinuplasty, a procedure that can help relieve chronic sinusitis.


Contact us for all you and your loved ones’ winter allergy relief needs at (855) 647-4687. You’ll be Glatz you did!